"Together, we can give back what we have taken more than our fair share of."

I've wanted to start a blog for some time, but hadn't been able to put a finger on what part of myself I most desired to share with the world at large. I had juggled with several content ideas that resonate with me at varying depths, before settling on an overarching topic that has always resonated most strongly with me. This was when the word 'togetherness' came to surface. To me, it is a way of seeing and thinking about the world and everything that calls Earth home - to form a way of life and the basis of daily decision-making that not only considers the immediate, but especially the far-reaching impact for the future.

My intention is to cohesively embody these contents with my love of visual storytelling through simple illustrations/infographics, content from credible sources, mixed with a healthy dose of editorial from yours truly. My hope is that through increased awareness of environmental issues and topics of sustainability, we can take a stronger and more confident stance on important causes. Making every choice intentional holds a lot of weight and responsibility, but the willingness to make impactful changes can be cultivated. Eventually, it can flourish into the 'could be's' towards a more empathetic outreach for all life on this planet through active engagement and actionable changes.

Together through increased awareness, continuous learning and intentional changes in our lifestyle, we can give back what we have taken more than our fair share of from this planet that not only we, but other 8.7 million species also call home.

Image source: Unsplash